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Benefits of Medis Suite MR

Medis® Suite MR is the vendor-independent post-processing solution for CMR cases. The workflow in Medis Suite MR is based on 15+ years of experience with CMR and 30+ years of cardiovascular medical image analysis in general.

The workflow includes a practical CMR viewer, advanced clinical applications and convenient reporting all in one, making it highly efficient to work with.

Setting up Medis Suite MR in the hospital IT environment and connecting it to the DICOM network is easy.

Seamlessly embedded in the workflow are advanced clinical applications considered best-in-class by many, such as the renowned QMass® and QFlow® applications.

In addition, highly innovative and cutting edge research apps such as QStrain RE and QMap RE are found integrated smoothly.

Clinical Apps

All Medis Suite MR apps in blue are cleared for clinical use in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and South-Korea.

Medis, QMass and QFlow are registered trademarks of Medis Associated BV.

QMass and QFlow are based on image processing algorithms developed at the Division of Image Processing, Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Research Apps

All Medis Suite MR apps in purple are for research use only.

1) Vesselmass is not integrated in Medis Suite MR and runs as a standalone application.

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01-09-2017 New publication:
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