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Medis Suite XA

Full solution for everyday post-processing

Get Connected

Medis supports various deployment scenarios, from single seat to client-server. Our experienced support team will help you to deploy and fine-tune Medis Suite XA in your preferred setup and connect you to your X-ray angiographic systems, PACS systems and other nodes in the DICOM network.

Dedicated post-processing workflow

Take maximum advantage of the wealth of information that cardiac angiography brings. Best-in-class post-processing apps, QAngio XA 3D with QFR and QVentricle allow you to get the most out of your images in a fast and efficient way. All-in-one solution including comprehensive reporting options.

Full solution, including QAngio XA 3D with QFR and QVentricle

Experience the richness in apps and ease of use that Medis Suite XA has to offer for accurately analyzing vessel and ventricles dimensions including physiology significance assessment of lesions (QFR)

Quality in Quantification

Quantitative analysis tools in Medis Suite XA are abundant and proven. Since the founding in 1989, Medis has kept the tradition of validating quantitative analysis at the highest standards. We continuously provide new and robust analysis tools that you can rely on. And best of all, we keep them fast and easy to useā€¦