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Are you starting a research project on coronary artery disease using X-ray angiography and OCT?

Are you interested in advanced co-registration of 3D angiography with 3D OCT and/or FFR, as well as the customized plane for OCT analysis?

Are you part of a Core lab looking for dedicated and co-registered 3D OCT software package?

QAngio OCT RE (Research Edition) is the solution by Medis Specials that incorporates some of the most advanced medical image processing algorithms developed at Medis’ Applied Research Department for automatic co-registration of OCT and/or FFR pullbacks with a 3D coronary artery reconstructed from QAngio XA 3D RE.

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great workflow…

  • automatic co-registration of X-ray angiography, OCT, and or FFR using a single landmark
  • automatic 3D OCT reconstruction and imaging catheter removal
  • integration of stent sizing and positioning information from different modalities in a single view
  • seamless link between QAngio XA 3D RE and QAngio OCT RE

great features...

  • imports 3D angiographic reconstruction from QAngio XA 3D RE which works for all major vendors
  • fast and highly informative 3D OCT reconstruction and fly-through viewing
  • customized and flexible Cut Plane Analysis by OCT
  • automated markers synchronization among X-ray angiography, OCT, and FFR pullback
  • point-to-point comparison of lumen size between 3D QCA and OCT
  • clear visualization of guidewire position relative to the stent cells by 3D OCT
  • creating and reviewing screen shots and movies in the application
  • can be installed on any off-the-shelf PC or laptop
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QAngio is a registered trademark of Medis Associated bv.
QAngio OCT RE (Research Edition) is to be used for research purposes only, and not for primary diagnostics and direct patient care.

… and great results

  • point-to-point correspondence among X-ray angiography, OCT, and FFR pullback
  • accurate and reproducible quantification of sidebranch ostium from main vessel OCT pullback
  • flexibility to perform caliper or area measurement at any 3D position and angulation by the OCT Cut Plane Analysis
  • quantification at every position along the vessel of interest by 3D QCA, 3D OCT, and FFR