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VesselMASS RE (available as a standalone app)

Whether you are studying atherosclerosis in the carotid, aortic, coronary or peripheral vessel wall, VesselMASS RE (Research Edition) provides you all the tools you need to analyze your MR images. Quantifying vessel wall dimensions and plaque composition has never been easier!

Comprehensive viewing

The optimized user interface and cross-referencing features will allow comprehensive viewing and efficient investigation of your multi-contrast MR imaging protocols.

Advanced contour detection and registration

Advanced validated image processing algorithms that have been developed by the LKEB1), will help you to save time quantifying the vessel wall dimensions and will help to produce reproducible results and carry out powerful studies.

VesselMASS RE is flexible

Flexible and easy to use editing tools will allow you to quantify plaque components and generate results efficiently.

All the results you need for you research

Comprehensive results are generated and easily exported into a spreadsheet.

A solution that is recognized

In 30+ research publications from all over the world, VesselMASS has supported the quantitative analyses of vessels in MRI. For a list of publications, click here.

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1) LKEB, the Division of Image Processing, Department of Radiology, the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands

VesselMASS RE (Research Edition) is to be used for research purposes only, and not for primary diagnostics and direct patient care.