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All applications from Medis are protected from illegal use by a licensing mechanism. The licensing mechanism provides licenses for applications and their modules. These licenses can be provided with a floating network license, a local license or a hardware license.

Licenses are always locked to a computer ID key, computer hardware or a hardware key.

When licenses are locked to computer hardware, a locking code is generated based on the ID of the Hard Disk. The locking code can be retrieved using the CMSechoID tool.

To retrieve the locking code

  • Download the program file CMSechoID.exe
  • Execute the file CMSechoID.exe

Note: When you use windows XP and the CMSechoId tool does not start, please install this program and restart the CMSechoid tool.

The following dialog will be shown.

lockingcode screenshot
  • Fill in your name and the product(s) you are going to use.
  • Send the information to medis by email or save a text file and fax the information to us.
Click here to download CMSechoID.exe