1st choice for Cardiovascular Imaging Software Solutions


  • Viewing and cross reference-features allow you to relate images and obtain a comprehensive case overview in a highly practical manner
  • Review layouts can be prepared in advance and simply loaded to present to colleagues. This is an excellent way to present cases comprehensively and concisely
  • Loading prior exams next to the case allow you to follow a patient over time

Features included:

  • Review series side-by-side
  • Drag ‘n drop series into the viewer
  • Cross-referencing tools
  • Fast paging through series
  • Simple caliper measurements
  • Loading of prior exams in parallel to the current exam

Did you know that:

The viewer can be used to view and present CT and X-ray images as well

Clinical Apps

All Medis Suite MR apps in blue are cleared for clinical use in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and South-Korea.

Medis, QMass and QFlow are registered trademarks of Medis Associated BV.

QMass and QFlow are based on image processing algorithms developed at the Division of Image Processing, Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Research Apps

All Medis Suite MR apps in purple are for research use only.

1) Vesselmass is not integrated in Medis Suite MR and runs as a standalone application.