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QAngio CT RE (available as an app on Medis Suite CT)

Includes: Enhancement of workflow

Assessment of CTA has been adopted more and more in recent years. Only a tiny portion of information still is being utilized for clinical evaluation and clinical management of patients. A wealth of information continues to remain hidden within these datasets.

What if it were possible to extract these data efficiently? Would this lead to new insights in the progression of plaque in atherosclerosis? Would it be possible to easily determine whether a stenosis is hemodynamically significant? What information lies within CTA data that can be of prognostic value?

QAngio CT RE (Research Edition) is the solution by Medis Specials that incorporates award-winning1) medical image processing algorithms developed at the LKEB2) for automatic coronary tree extraction as well as lumen and vessel contour detection. QAngio CT allows you to study vessel morphology, intensities, plaque burden and characterization in coronary CTA data, in the most efficient and robust manner.

Dedicated for clinical research, the latest version, QAngio CT RE v2.1, has incorporated many of the ideas received from the early adopters around the globe, making advanced CTA data-mining even faster and easier .

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What do medical professionals say ?

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great workflow…

  • Sophisticated and simple workflow for CTA quantification
  • saving you massive amounts of time in performing analysis and processing results
  • reducing your population size because of excellent reproducibility
  • allowing you to review and edit results in a flexible manner
  • providing you highly detailed output of results directly into a spreadsheet containing what you need for your study

great features...

  • Imports from any storage media, accepts CTA data from all major vendors
  • Can be installed on any off-the-shelf PC or laptop
  • 3D viewer for visual inspection of the CTA data
  • Award-winning1) automatic extraction of the coronary tree developed by the LKEB2)
  • Automatic labeling of the vessel segments
  • Create screenshots or export results directly to spreadsheet
  • Batch processing for efficient post-processing of results
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1) Winner of the MICCAI Grand challenge 2012 stenosis workshop and detection/quantification contest http://coronary.bigr.nl/stenoses/workshop.php#prizes

2) LKEB, the Division of Image Processing, Department of Radiology, the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands

QAngio is a registered trademark of Medis Associated bv.
QAngio CT RE (Research Edition) is to be used for research purposes only, and not for primary diagnostics and direct patient care.

… and great results

  • Validated Lumen and plaque statistics:
  • Degree of stenosis (diameter and area), Lesion length
  • Plaque burden and volume (per lesion and per vessel)
  • Vessel remodeling index
  • Mean plaque and lumen intensities, transluminal attenuation gradient (TAG)
  • Fixed and adaptive intensity thresholding methods for plaque characterization
  • Validated Plaque characterization components according to IVUS-VH classification:
  • Dense Calcium, NecroticCore, FibrousFatty, Fibrous, Media (optional)
  • Vessel segment labeling